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Friday, 8 January 2010

Ring Reading

Too much snow out there to ring at the moment, so I'm spending a bit (too much!) time scanning the birds in my garden with a telescope to check for rings.

We have at least 13 blackbirds coming in to feed on the apples we put out on the lawn, and some of these are ringed.

LB78905 was ringed as an adult female on 23.10.09, and is still present, while LB78908 was ringed as a juvenile male on 20.12.09, and he still seems to be trying to hold a territory, despite all the other incomers!

Hoping to get out with my trainer and his wife to catch a large flock of corn bunting over the weekend, and I'm keeping an eye on an orchard site near Haddenham where 3000+ fieldfare have been feeding recently.

I'll keep you informed!


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