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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

16th October 2009

Bird ringing starts in Over, Cambs!

Today we started a small study of the wild bird populations in Over. This involved putting up mist nets in my garden to catch adult birds. Each bird was then weighed, and measurements were taken of wing length, fat scores, and pectoral muscle scores. A metal ring is then fitted to each bird, giving it a unique number.

All ringing is done under licence through the British Trist for Ornithology, and ringers are all trained over a number of years in catching, and ringing birds.

During a two hour ringing session we caught and ringed the following:

Dunnock (7)
Robin (2)
Blackbird (3)
Woodpigeon (1)
Chaffinch (2)
Blue Tit (3)
Great Tit (4)

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