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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Lotsa Linnets and a REEBU control

Another session for the Suffolk Foraging Farmland Bird Project this morning.

I tried a different wild bird seed strip at Dairy Farm to those I've ringed at before. I started putting nets up at 7.30am, and had a couple done when a huge flock of Linnets (550+) came in from Upper Gravel Pit. Lovely though big numbers of birds are, I was ringing on my own, and didn't want to catch more than I could deal with, so quickly took down a net to leave it with just one 18m Ecotone. This was a good move, so it turned out, as the rain moved in half an hour later, with lots of birds threatening to find the net. I decided to call it a day, and to try another time with a better weather forecast. Still, I got a few interesting birds in the time I had the net open:

New (Retrap)

Dunnock 1
Blackbird 1
Blue Tit 1 (1) - this retrap was originally ringed in my garden, 2km away
Chaffinch 5
Greenfinch 1
Linnet 10

By lunch back at home, the sun had come out, so I decided to give it a couple of hours on the Wyken Hall estate up at The Dales again. The hedge between the wild bird seed strips has been cut since I was last there, and the estate had a hare shoot there yesterday, so bird numbers are down a bit, but it was still a worthwhile session:

Chaffinch 3
Reed Bunting 4 (3)

Of the 3 already-ringed Reed Buntings, 2 were retraps from this same ringing site, but the other was a Control Y113822. Could this be 'your' REEBU?

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