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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

And a Blackbird Control

Just a bit of garden ringing here and there again today.

Fairly quiet, with just 11 birds caught:

new (retrap) control

Dunnock 1 (0) 0
Blackbird 3 (0) 1
Long-tailed Tit 0 (1) 0
Blue Tit 2 (1) 0
Great Tit 2 (0) 0

The Control Blackbird was a male (CW79044), and was the 3rd bird controlled by me here at Wyken Hall this month  - the others being a Reed Bunting (Y113822), and a Great Tit (L725053). In due course, when I get the reports through from the BTO, I'll post details here.

Still waiting for details from the Dutch Arnheim scheme about the Robin I caught here back in October (BA65008), but hopefully that will come through soon.

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